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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 On Sunday September 12, 2010 the Lions had their season opener game against the Chicago Bears. It was a good game of back and forth from both defensive sides, but not very good on either of the offense. Then it got worse when our starting QB Matthew Stafford got injured again in the first half. Then our secondary QB Shaun Hill played horrible, only throwing for 9 and 19. After two quarters of a bad job, Hill starts throwing complete passes with 30 seconds in the forth quarter. When he throws it up to Calvin Johnson for a touchdown, the referres want to rule it incomplete because he tried to get up and the ball slipped from his hand. Also his whole body was down when he caught it, even a die hard Bears fan commented on the catch on NFL.com and said that it should have been a TD. It's ok though because our rookie RB Jahvid Best had a good game with 2 TD's and we will have an easy win over the Eagles if Stafford is back.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ndamukong Suh's personal foul on Jake Delhomme.

   On Saturday Aug.28 the Lions played an away game vs the Cleveland Browns. During the middle of the second quarter our 1st round draft pick pick Ndamukong Suh was penalized for grabbing Browns veteran QB Jake Delhomme's face mask, wrapping his arm around the mask and slamming him into the ground. Brown's head coach Eric Mangini told the press that he will try to get the league to investigate the play. Suh say's that he was only trying to get the ball and had on idea that Delhomme got rid of it. Many Browns just like backup QB Seneca Wallace think that Suh should be suspended or pay a fine.
    I think that everyone is overreacting about the whole thing, football is a very fast paced game, so you don't realize every thing that your doing at that moment. I do think that the penalty was right but their should not be a suspension or a fine. Everybody should realize that when your going full speed it's hard to immediately stop, especially when your head is in the game. That is why I think that the referees should stop calling so many roughing the passers and kickers penalties because when your head is in the game and going full speed for a tackle that's the only thing that you care about at that moment.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joe Paquette 425 mile walk.

     63 year old Joe Paquette of Munising, Michigan claims that he walked 425 miles from his home to the Lion's practice facility in Allen Park. Paquette's journey began Aug. 8 and arrived on the morning of Aug.25. When Paquette finally got to the practice facility he wanted to inspire the team by telling them "Sisu", which is Finnish word meaning strength of will, determination and perseverance. His family put up daily post and pictures of his whereabouts on Facebook. After he was greeted by players and staff on his walk, Head Coach Jim Schwartz  gave him a jersey with numbers 425 on it.
    My thoughts on this story is that it could be fake, what kind of family would let a 63 year old man with arthritis in both knees walk 425 miles. I would think after the first mile his knees would start hurting, and I don't think any medication he has would get rid of 425 miles of pain. Also when he was talking to the press he didn't make a facial expression showing a little bit of pain. If it is true then I feel that's one truly dedicated Lion's fan.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lions are going 5-11 this season.

  I feel that the Lion's are going 5-11 this season, because of good draft picks and good moves this off season. Last year we needed help with our defensive line and the coaching staff helped it by picking DT Ndamukong Suh, who had 212 tackles, 23 sacks, 4 interceptions and 2 touchdowns in his college career as a Nebraska Cornhusker. Our run game wasn't that good last year also so we chose University of California Golden Bears RB Jahvid Best. Best had 2,668 yards on 364 attempts, 29 touchdown's with 0 fumbles and 0 lost balls in his 3 year college career. He also did very well at the NFL combine having the best 40-yard dash time for RB's and the third out of everyone. Most likely Best will take over Smith's starting position as RB.
  We did some great moves with acquiring DE Lawrence Jackson and getting CB Dre Bly again. I feel Bly is gonna be good but not as good as his first time with the lions because he's a little older and slower. I also feel that our second year QB Matthew Stafford has progressed more and knows what it takes to be a better QB than last year.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carlos Guillen still has pain in his knee.

2B player Carlos Guillen will miss at least two more weeks after bruising his knee vs. the New York Yankees on Aug.16. This accident happened when Yankee Outfielder Brett Gardner slid to second base colliding with Guillen. Guillen is describing a very sharp pain in his knee but it's fine because doctors say " his knee would feel worse before it feels better".

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kwame Brown and Micheal Jordan together again.

Former Pistons Center Kwame Brown will be reuniting with Micheal Jordan in Charlotte for the Bobcats. He agreed to one year and the veteran's minimum of $1.2 million. Micheal Jordan drafted Brown with the No.1 pick in the 2001 Draft for the Washington Wizards.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Piston's roster this season.

      I feel that the Pistons have a good shot at the playoffs this season.Last year we were stopped by multiple injuries to our veterans. In the first game of the "09"-"10" season against the Memphis Grizzles we blew them out 96-74. There was great ball movement, good shot selection, and everyone was healthy. We have great backup's especially in our Guard's with Will Bynum, Terrico White, Ben Gordon, Tracy McGrady and Austin Daye (both who can play SG or SF).
     Austin Daye showed the coaches in the Summer Leauge how he has progressed as a scorer and that he can do well as SG. We also have good back up Forwards, but we need help with the Center's. Our backup Center's are Greg Monroe and Chris Wilcox, Chris Wilcox barely played last season due to injuries and Greg Monroe would be a good Center, but I think he would be a better PF. To fix this problem we could trade Tayshaun Prince to the Golden State Warriors for Andris Biedrins because their salaries are almost alike.